Woven Wire Mesh

Woven Wire Mesh

Woven Wire Mesh

Woven wire mesh is basically used for mechanically separating dry free-flowing materials by particle size by moving the material in relation to the mesh. It can be used in a variety of applications including but not limited toStone Crushers, Quarries, Mining Sites, Cement Plants for sizing and classification of aggregates, sand & gravel;Food Processing, Water and Waste Treatment/Filtration, Chemical Processing and Architecture.
CemServ hasa state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in 3rd Industrial City, Dammam for producing Woven Wire Meshina variety of opening sizes, weave types and wire diameters as per customer requirements. The equipments are importedfrom Germany and are capable of producing finest quality meshthat provide maximum service life.
Apart from manufacturing, our facility also serves as a warehouse for maintaining stocks of our products so that they are readily available to our customers whenever they need it.
All our wire mesh is manufactured in accordance with International Standards.

Steel Wire Specification

CemServ can provide woven wire mesh using wide range of wire materials suiting your application.
We understand how important it is for the vibrating screens to continuously run and sieve required particle sizes with minimum downtime. This demands for the mesh to be strong and robust in the toughest operating conditions. To achieve this, we use wires of a special material called as ‘Spring Steel’ for producing our mesh. This ensures that the mesh stays on the screen for a long time without tearing.
Also, for applications where corrosion resistance is required, we produce mesh from Stainless steel wires or Galvanised steel wires.

Mesh Specifications

CemServ produces woven wire mesh across a wide range of opening sizes as per customer requirement and application. Also, we can supply the mesh with Edge Hook for fixing the mesh to your equipment.
Few of the standard sizes we produce are shown below.

Weave Types

Weaves are produced in accordance with ISO 4783/3. Our standard products include Lock Crimp Weaves for openings 50mm to 19mm and Double Crimp Weaves for openings 16mm to 3.35mm.


We believe that a good quality product is responsibility of each and every employee of our company.
A good quality mesh is one that can sieve the desired particle sizes accurately and provide a high service life.
Our mesh production line ensures that the mesh are produced to close tolerances by means of strict quality control starting right from the raw material till the finished product.
We follow international standards ISO 14315, ISO 4782and ISO 4783.